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Dennis Dumas

Dennis Dumas

  • PPSC Master Instructor
  • NAFC Master Trainer
  • Certified Nutrition Psychology 
  • Certified Performance Nutrition 
  • Cofounder and Lead Coach @ The Yard
  • Global Director of Education @ Throwdown
  • Founder of Award winning Transformations Nutrition Program

Dennis has 20 years of fitness experience and 37+ years of martial arts experience. In that time Dennis has owned and or consulted on 300+ fitness facility designs and operations on 3 continents.

Today Dennis and team operate The Yard Fitness in Bend OR where they serve the Bend Community with the only Kickboxing and Strength Training Small Group Sessions in town.

At The Yard, the team also incubates and delivers programming for multiple major brands and small studios across the country.

 Kishelle Linenko

After a few years into motherhood, I found a love for movement through group fitness. Everything from barre to kickboxing, I was hooked. Fast forward to today: a handful of certifications, including a group fitness certification and a pain-free performance specialist certification, I currently am a strength training and kickboxing coach at the Yard. There is something humbling and rewarding about being a part of someone else’s success. I get to show people that their bodies are capable of doing hard things and if you put in the hard work, you will only get better, faster, and stronger. YES, YOU CAN!

Chantal Vidaurri

To say I love fitness and strength training is a understatement. The impact it has on my overall health and wellness is huge.As a wife and mom of three, not only does it give me the strength and energy I need to take care of my family (including a very active toddler!), my workouts provide major stress relief, reduce anxiety, and improve my mood, mental health and confidence. Experiencing the many rewards of this lifestyle fuels my desire to help others discover these benefits for themselves.

 Michael Newell

I am a small group and private fitness coach instructor as well as the lead coach for Transformations in Redmond, OR. I am currently a certified Pain-Free Performance Specialist, NASM PT and Nutrition Coach as well as studying to become an NAFC Certified PT. I found my passion for fitness and helping others after battling and overcoming my own demons of 20+ years in addiction with drugs and alcohol. My life’s mission is to help others unlock their full potential, begin to see just how strong they are and how much they are capable of with a little bit of support and community. I am also a father of two beautiful children and spend my free time training, playing golf, adventuring outdoors and spending time with my loved ones.
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